In March, the angle of the sun is above 50º in most places in the US, enough to start making natural vitamin D February 26 2015

The angle of the sun is the primary factor for allowing enough UVB to reach the surface of the earth. UVB is the primary and natural source for people to synthesize their own vitamin D. And vitamin D is essential to human health, thus the beginning of the end of the flu season. 

Official Vitamin D Council chart on sunshine and UVB.Vitamin D from garnered sunshine is found to last months in the body’s cellular system as opposed to supplementation, which lasts only while you supplement. This is often why March 1, most people who got plenty of sunshine and raised their vitamin D levels in the summer are now depleted and feeling particularly blue and are more prone to colds and the flu. It is the natural cycle of vitamin D. 

Official sunshine calendar by the Vitamin D Council on available UVB for optimizing exposure to make vitamin D from the sun is pictured:

To calculate the angle of the sun in your area, watch this video by Dr. Mercola and then link directly to the government website for calculating the angle of the sun in your area.  Look on your chart for the times of day where the altitude of the sun is above 50º and you will see the optimal times to absorb UVB, the primary factor for vitamin D from the sun.

To help ensure that you are getting enough sun to make vitamin D, wear the UVA+B SunFriend®, the worlds first sun monitor and tracker. Customize it to your skin sensitivity level and use it to avoid over-exposure to the sun while you absorb your healthier amounts of sun. A smart sensor embedded in the SunFriend monitors the ultra violet radiation coming from the sun and alerts you when you have had enough sun. You can purchase a SunFriend here. 

Nearly 70% of Americans are deficient in Vitamin D, primarily due to insufficient sun exposure.” says Edgett. “Skin cancer effects nearly 20% of Americans, primarily due to over-exposure to the sun”. “SunFriend® is designed to encourage people to get enough sun to be healthy without getting skin damage.”

SunFriend® was developed over a number of years by Karin Edgett and NASA space scientist Shahid Aslam. SunFriend is recognized in NASA Spinoff 2015 publication for activity monitors helping users optimize sun exposure. It is made by SunFriend Corporation out of the Washington DC area. SunFriend® is approved by the Vitamin D Council


For more information contact or a pdf copy of the Vitamin D Council Sunshine Calendar: Karin Edgett, CEO