5 health benefits to spending time alfresco - Harvard Health July 08 2015

  1. Your vitamin D levels will go up
  2. You’ll get more exercise (especially if you’re a child)
  3. You’ll be happier (especially if your exercise is ‘green’)
  4. Your concentration will improve
  5. You may heal faster

How much vitamin D can you get from the sun this summer? July 01 2015

Summer is the best time to optimize your UVB exposure which gives you vitamin D. But year round sun exposure gives you endorphins and nitric oxide, all essential to overall wellness and better moods. 


Strength of the sun is #1 Factor for Safer + Healthier Sun Exposure. June 19 2015

Intensity of the sun and skin color are the two most important first steps in getting balanced sun exposure – enough to reap it's healthy benefits, but not so much you damage your skin. SunFriend makes it easy.