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Sun+Health Connections 

A growing number of scientists are concerned that efforts to protect the public from excessive UV exposure may be eclipsing recent research demonstrating the diverse health-promoting benefits of UV exposure. Some argue that the health benefits of UVB radiation seem to outweigh the adverse effects, and that the risks can be minimized by carefully managing UV exposure (e.g., by avoiding sunburn)... read more from the Benefits of Sunlight: A Bright Spot for Human Health

With help from UVA+B SunFriend®, you can more safely enjoy the amazing health benefits of the sun. It’s a great way to increase your vitamin D levels without the worry of overexposure. Just set your skin color or sensitivity, and SunFriend® will keep track of your real-time UV/sun exposure. LEDs flash when you’ve reached your optimal amount of sun. 

Vitamin D from the sun is a healthier choice

When we are in the sun, we naturally feel great. That is why we gravitate to the beaches, pools, golf courses, etc. Science shows, we can also increase our levels of vitamin D naturally and most efficiently when we are in the sun. Studies are revealing new evidence that monitored, regular sun exposure has many of benefits for our overall well-being. The following is a short list of some of the known benefits of sun exposure:  

  • Lowers blood pressure year round
  • Creates beta-endorphins which make you "feel better"
  • Increases blood levels of water-soluble form of D3, essential for appropriate cellular function especially in the summer between the hours of 10-3. Increasing vitamin D levels specifically helps prevent or lessen hundreds of problems such as;
    • Boosting immune systems
    • Lessening dementia, alzheimer's
    • Increases genetic function
    • Reduces the risk of over 100 cancers, including breast cancer
    • Preventing Rickets, especially in children and babies
    • Helps children grow faster and stronger bones by increasing absorption of calcium into the bones. Most bone density is formed by age 20. 
    • And optimal vitamin D levels early on in life have been shown to be a major preventative factor in the formation of diseases such as MS, Diabetes 2, and Osteoporosis. 

UVA+B SunFriend® is the world’s first customizable, waterproof activity monitor for UV exposure. It's scientific features are based on internationally recognized scientific research and NASA inspired sensors. 

SunFriend helps protect you from over-exposure to the sun while you reap it's healthier benefits. 

UVA+B SunFriend® helps reduce skin damage by alerting you before your skin starts to burn. 

  • Sunscreens may be beneficial, but unless the label says "broad spectrum", they will not necessarily protect you from both UVA and UVB radiation, and they block the beneficial UVB from reaching your skin. UVB is needed to make vitamin D. 
  • Sunscreens also contain many chemicals that people may be sensitive to, or find harmful if they should penetrate the skin and enter the blood stream. 
  • SunFriend recommends you get a healthy amount of sun, and then choose to cover up properly, go indoors, or use a "safe and organic" broad spectrum sunscreen to avoid over-exposure to more sun which could lead to skin damage. 

Studies on the benefits of safe and optimal amount of sun exposure include:

Get more Vitamin D
Did you know Vitamin D deficiency is now recognized as a pandemic? Sun exposure in moderation is the major source of vitamin D for most humans. Read more…

Stay awake

Vitamin D may prevent daytime sleepiness. According to research, patients with daytime sleepiness and musculoskeletal pain are likely to have vitamin D insufficiency or deficiency. Read More…

Decrease melanoma mortality risk

Studies show melanoma mortality actually decreases after UV exposure. Melanoma lesions do not predominate sun-exposed skin, which is why sunscreens have proven ineffective in preventing it. Exposure to sunlight, particularly UVB, produces vitamin D in your body, which is protective against melanoma. Read more…

Prevent heart disease and stroke

Scientists at the University of Edinburgh discovered that when sunlight touches your skin, nitric oxide, a powerful blood pressure lowering compound, is released into your bloodstream. Read More...

Boost immune system and brain function

Vitamin D is intimately involved not only in immune system function, but also brain function. It appears that vitamin D has protective effects and immunomodulatory effects in the brain, and is useful in neurodegenerative and neuroimmune diseases, typified by MS. Read more…

Reduce breast cancer risk

Optimized Vitamin D Levels can reduce breast cancer risk by 77% over a 4 year period according to a study published in 2007 in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Read more…

Sunshine vitamin and preventing skin cancer
About 90% of non-melanoma skin cancers are associated with exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun. Your SunFriend® will alert you when you have had enough exposure for your skin type, so you know when to cover up or leave the sun. According to the World Health Organization “one in every three cancers diagnosed worldwide is a skin cancer. 


"UV" is short for Ultra Violet. Ultra Violet radiation comes from the sun and travels through the ozone layer and atmospheric conditions to reach the earth and us humans in two main forms; UVA and UVB. Both are vital to our survival as a species! When you cover up too much, stay indoors or wear sunscreen, you prevent the UVB from reaching your skin and providing the necessary synthesis of Vitamin D (aka the Sunshine Vitamin) from taking place, thus denying your body one of the essential building blocks for a healthy immune system. 


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