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December 2015 Porthole Cruise Savvy Cruiser Travel Gear and Goodies promotes SunFriend. Click Here! 
July 9, 2015 The Best Gear for All of Your Outdoor Adventures by Rachel Grice. For full Review, click here. 
July 2, CTV NEWS Tom Emrich reviews SunFriend for summer sun safety. Watch the report here. 

July 1, 2015 FRENCHWEB.FR Le UVA+B SunFriend est un bracelet connecté qui analyse l’exposition de votre peau au soleil. Grâce à plusieurs LED s’illuminant grace aux rayons du soleil, le UVA+B SunFriend vous indique lorsque votre exposition au soleil est trop longue et comporte donc des risques. Full Story

June 29, 2015 by Elisabeta farmacist Ask Your Pharmacist in Romania and they recommend a SunFriend. Click Here
June 29, 2015 by Scott Tharler ALLIN WSOP Survival Gear 
4. SunFriend ($50, on your wrist. It tracks UV exposure, warning both of too much or (as is more often the case with poker players) too little natural sunlight. Click here
June 15, 2015 by Maria Sharia Sun overexposure is a deadly albeit sneaky summertime monster. UVA+B SunFriend is the first wearable UV exposure monitor, alerting you to potential skin damage before you actually start feeling it. Click Here
June 4, 2015 Thewellnessultimatum with Omar Is SunFriend's wearable technology the answer to skin cancer? Listen to the interview here.
June 1  SunFriend 2015 Grill Sponsors SunFriend UV Detector – There are a lot of health benefits from getting some sun exposure, as long as you don’t get too much. With help from UVA+B SunFriend® it is possible to safely enjoy the health benefits of the sun and increase vitamin D levels without the worry of overexposure. The SunFriend sensor takes a reading from the environment every few seconds, and also reads reflective UV. When all eleven LEDs light up and are flashing, then it is time to cover up and/or get out of the sun. Full story, click here. 
May 29th, 2015 Health Wearables Are the Future by Davison Westmoreland CEO, Gymlion This graphic from PricewaterhouseCoopers details other wearables that are located all over the body. SunFriend is featured on the wrist. To read the entire story detailing the future of Health Wearables as an investment Click Here.

April 24, 2015 Indy Style Indianapolis Eco-Friendly products for kids


April 21, 2015 Buzz Feed 12 Wearables That Prove We're Living In The Freakin' Future by Natasha Umer 1. This anti-sunburn wristband by SunFriend. ...But this wristband by Sunfriend is not just another gimmicky toy, because it won the NASA design contest. The wristband monitors your UV intake and it alerts you when you reached your limit so that you can actually avoid getting a sunburn. And it works for all different skin colors and types. Full Story
April 20, 2015 Your Carolina Sustainable, practical product suggestions for mothers inspired by Earth Day  
April 18, 2015 Good Morning Arizona Sustainable, practical product suggestions for mothers inspired by Earth Day   
April 15, 2015 Great Day St. Louis Earth day ideas for moms. 
 March 28, 2015 by Matt Villano New way to keep tabs on the sun An excerpt: "Think of the thing like a FitBit that measures sun exposure. You can set it to any skin sensitivity level. Over the course of a day, the device measures how much UV/sun exposure you have; when you’ve reached your optimal exposure levels, the LED lights flash, effectively warning you BEFORE you burn... Other benefits of SunFriend IMHO: It’s waterproof. It doesn’t get too hot in the sun. It’s seemingly indestructible. And it’s super-easy to read—even for kids." Full Story

March 2015 3 Save Our Bones Astonishing Benefits Of Vitamin D (And How To Get The Right Amount)   

2015 WT VOX 2015-2025 Brings Stiff Competition To Wearable Tech And IoT Market
The wearable technology market is already extremely competitive and is characterised by numerous leading market players. Some of the major wearable technology companies that we expect to be at the core of this stiff competition to wearable technology are ULOCS (Sweden), Sunfriend Corp... Read More!

BBC Business reporter Caroline Hepker demonstrates some of the best new tech from London’s wearable tech show including SunFriend.
Watch the Video, additional coverage, Click Here!

Actual BBC page, click here! 

 March 2015 CAPO VELO Cycling Collective  - In MIND & BODY 
Pocket-Lint March 10, 2015 by Britta O'Boyle SunFriend wearable wants to help you enjoy the sun without burning
Click Here! First review of the coming SunFriend 2.0 APP!
 NASA Spinoff 2015 Recognizes SunFriend as Spinoff technology; Activity Monitors Help Users get Optimum Sun Exposure. Co-inventor Aslam explains the science behind SunFriend's sensors. This is a large PDF, SunFriend is featured on pages 86 and 87. Click HERE to link to the entire Spinoff publication or HERE to see our pages featured on SunFriend's Facebook page. Or read the full article on our SunBites page. 
January 28th, 2015 SunFriend featured on the Science Channel's new show All-American Makers. Clips from the show have been captured on SunFriend's YouTube channel. Click HERE to watch! 
February 9, 2015 KTN Knowledge Transfer Network by 
Mitra Mermazia New devices on the block are making use of specialised technologies, often with single functions such as SunFriend, the UV monitoring wearable Full article! 
HealthCare IT News – Enabling healthier choices – Health gadgets enter active new era, January 27, 2015, Scott Tharler. With personalized skin sensitivity settings, the waterproof SunFriend is "the world's first wearable monitor for healthier, safer sun time." 

Publicity + highlights from the Consumer Electronics Show, January 2015 Click Here!

 December 2014 Great Gadgets for under $100 for your Christmas List by Peter Erikson on An excerpt can be seen on our Facebook page

November 17, 2014, by Rich DeMuro U-Verse Tech Report Gadgets that Break your Bad Habits "SunFriend let's you know when you've soaked up your daily limit (of sun)"

August 30, 2014, by Sami Mughal, OxGadgets "With the summer we have just had in England, devices such as these are quite important. From people looking like lobsters, to generally caring for your skin and yourself, there are many reasons to have one on your wrist." 

 August 7, 2014 by Flora Graham New Scientist An excerpt... "It can be tricky to nail the perfect balance of sun exposure to ensure you get your fill of vitamin D but don't get burned. SunFriend is a handy wristband with a gallium nitride UV sensor that detects the amount of UVA and UVB hitting your wrist and warns you when it's time to go inside or cover up."

July 2014,, by Mike Siegler Interview with Karin Edgett, CEO and Co-Founder of SunFriend

July 11, 2014 Time Tech Gadgets “Waterproof Tech for a Day at the Beach or Pool” …for a waterproof (UV Monitor) option for the swimming pool, take a look at the $49 SunFriend UV Monitor." 

July 8, 2014 PC Magazine, by Jill Duffy
… SunFriend is elegantly simple, though it has a very beach-like, fun appearance… The wrist-worn UVA+B SunFriend detects UV rays, and alerts you when it's time to cover up based on your skin sensitivity; it's ideal if you want some direct sun exposure for the vitamin D benefits…

 July 3, 2014 London Financial Times – how to spend it, by Jonathan Margolis ...The SunFriend UVA+B Monitor is a rare example of wearable technology that could save you, or more likely, given its Mickey Mouse aesthetic, your children, from skin cancer, and should therefore be taken very seriously...

London Sunday Post 6/20/14

Street Insider 6/13/14

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HardWearable 03/2014