Safer Sun Tweeters Discount!

SunFriend, the worlds first wearable tech that measures how much sun you get, is offering a special tweeters $10 off your purchase. 

SunFriend keeps you and/or your loved ones healthier and safer in the sun! 

Sunshine is responsible for: 

  • Making us feel good (rids of us Seasonal Affective disorder and depression)
  • Lowers our blood pressure
  • Increases our vitamin D levels (optimal vitamin D levels are responsible for keeping our immune system strong - lessening the risk of everything from alzheimer's, MS, flue, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, etc)

But of course, we need to avoid the sunburning which can lead to skin damage. That is why it is about time there is a monitor like SunFriend. You customize it to your own needs, and then it flashes to let you know when you have head your healthier + safer amount of sun for the day. 

Buy a SunFriend for yourself or someone you know who is suffering from too little or too much sun today. It will be a welcome and unique gift of love for this holidays.

And it's perfect for preventing sunburns on your vacations! 

SunFriend is approved by the Vitamin D Council

Buy a SunFriend from our on-line catalogue, an when you check out using our secure server, be sure to type in the coupon SaferSun and $10 will automatically be deducted from your order. 

Give the gift of a healthier life today. 


Coupon Expires December 31, 2014