SunFriend® Daily UV Monitor Black/Grey

$24.99 $49.99

The new subdued Black and Grey SunFriend® Daily UV activity monitor lets you see how much sun you are getting each day. Use it daily to get a healthy amount of sun - enough to get optimal vitamin D, but not so much you burn or get any skin damage.

It is best used before sunscreen or covering up. When you use sunscreen, you prevent UVB from reaching your skin. UVB is natures best and free source of Vitamin D. When Vitamin D levels are maintained on a daily basis, you boost your immune system and help stave off many serious conditions including:

  • alzheimer's
  • osteoporosis
  • multiple sclerosis
  • cancer

UVA+B is the most versatile UV monitor available. Colorful LEDs show you how much sun you are getting thought the day and flash when you have reached your limit. Features include:

  • SunFriend constantly monitors your UV or sun exposure
  • Customize to your skin color or sensitivity - 11 settings for extra sensitive people
  • Waterproof, use it on the beach or in the pool
  • Scientifically based - internationally accepted safety standards
  • Soft, comfortable silicone design
  • Band stays secure during all activities - very durable!
  • Check the UV Index where ever you are
  • Reads UV exposure through clouds and from reflective surfaces

Get healthier naturally, get your SunFriend® on!

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